Thursday, 17 December 2009


As if the reports of what occured on fermanagh last week were not sick enough, some fucking heartless halfwit cunts who thought they were being funny set up a facebook group called 'Millie Martin - Irish Bitch', I am not one to throw around threats, but if I meet whoever you really are 'Vicky Edward' and 'Reggie Scumville', I will do my best to cause as much physical damage to you as I possibly can. Yet you shall not be alone, the people who have become members of this insensitive, sick group shall also get the same. I shall put my neck on the line here with this statement, don;t car how 'hard' or whatever you are. You are a sick, sad, friendless person, and may you rot in hell!!!!

Who in their right minds would set up a group like this. You are disgusting, and if you are person who hopes that they may ever be blessed with having a child, I hope that you never get the chance to experience that as you will never, ever deserve it.

I'm not one to go into a real full on rant like this folks, and I apologise for the swearing, but they can ROT IN HELL!!!!


May you rest in peace young Millie.


ps (I am not getting into any stories, accusations etc, acts are, a young childs life was taken from her, and thats wrong.)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Justice has obviously lost its meaning....

Okay, forget fo a moment the recent spate of life sentences that have been handed out with the following words ; 'serving a minimum of 25 years'. (I thought life was life.) What todays rant involves is the measly sentence handed out to an evil, vile, sadistic and disusting woman and her equally vile accomplices. I am of course talking about Melissa George, a woman who sexually abused many young children in her care, and also circulated leud pictures of the victims, a the while making sure not to capture their faces. So as it stands now, most of the parents of children who attended Little Ted's Nursery in Efford, Plymouth do not know whether or not their child/children were abused. So heres the facts; she abused children, some you would call babies or todddlers, she took pictures of them to ciculate to her other 'paedo' mates, she has the power to ease the suffering of families who don't know for a face if their child was abused or not, and she will serve a minimum of 7 years in jail as well as getting a brand new identity courtesy of Her Majesty's Government upon her release.

I thought the law was supposed to protect the public from harm. This person will do this again, I have no doubt about it. Lock her away for good, nobody wants her kind back on the streets. I hope she meets real justice in jail!!

Rant Over


An Explanation

Yes, I am well aware that there was no rant yesterday, monday, and this is not really a rant, just a statement why there hasn't been one. Obviously the rants aren't about the most serious of social squabbles etc, but due to things that happened in Enniskillen at the end of last week, I don't feel it would be fitting in any way whatsoever to be sitting here ranting about whether or not Rafa should be sacked or if Kraft should buy Cadbury or not. My thoughts are with the family of young Millie and I hope never to hear of anything like that again.

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Friday, 11 December 2009

Man Castrates Himself!!!! WTF!!!!???

OK, firstly you must read the following story;

Hopefully you have read that. Some would admire the man for having the balls, or not as it may seem, to make such a sacrifice for the good of his marriage.....actually, hold on a minute, there are far too many contradictions here. Mr Sanchez says he is a good christian, so i'm thinking that maybe its not that his wife just simply doesn't want to have sex anymore, it may be that he's against contraception and she keeps getting pregnant. If that is the case then I side with his wife, get off the poor woman for a while, she ain't a bloody machine.
Yet if it is the case that she point blank refuses to have sex with him, and that this has been a reality for a very prolonged length of time, then surely that is grounds for annulment is it not? Maybe i'm wrong, but i'm near sure I read that somewhere before (although, I could have read that on Wikipedia, which is always questionable). At the very least it is grounds for divorce. If the love ain't there, theres no point in staying.
Its as simple as this, some sort of arrangment could have been reached, but there is no excuse for this crazy SOB to snap off his gentlemens vegetables........nutter!!! (or not as the case may be).

Rant Over

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Fermanagh Man Up For Nobel Science Prize

A Fermanagh man has been nominated for a Nobel Science Prize for his discovery that if you put your own hand into a fire that it will indeed burn, and in turn be very painful; depending on how long you keep it in the fire. The findings were made.....yadda yadda....bla bla bla...

Now obviously this sounds like a load of bull dung does it not? Well then, whats the big difference in that, and what I watched today live from Oslo. The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Yeah, ok, he by no means started the 'War on Terror' or whatever video game esque name they give it these days, but he hasn't really done anything to stop these wars has he? In fact he wants to throw more money and troops at the problem. War monger? No, certainly not. Man of Peace? Well, actions speak louder than words, so no, and most certainly not worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. One postive is that the man himself seemed quite embarrassed at receiving the prize, and its not like hes gonna turn it down......he did receive 1 million euros for it!

I'm sure in time he will earn this prize, more hope really.

Rant Over


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Grrrrr Shoppers!!!

Ok, this is a real personal rant today. I'm currently working in a clothes store. Its a great store, love the job and all that. We try our best to keep the place tidy and looking smart; a selection of shirts and tshirts folded in a very precise way n tables, jeans in sized order, suits dressed up with shirts and ties etc. There are plenty of staff on the floor to assist any customer, and there are signs reminding people of that why the hell do people insist on unfolding all the shirts/tshirts, mixing up the jeans, throwing jackets off the hangers. If you want a certain size just ASK, and don't be so bloody clatty as to walk round the place in the knwing that you arent gonna buy anyhthing!!!!! Have some decent manners and destroy the can guess where alot of them come from!


Rant Over


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

No ranting!?

Yeah, I know, who would have thought that I had nothing to rant about? Well I have been working and haven't watched any TV for a few days so that then might be the catch. No doubt in the next few hours something will have me ranting!


I don't think this page is set up for GMT so no, I do not write blogs at 3am, and mondays blog shows as Sunday. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.


Michael Owens finished in football is he??? A hattrick against Wolfsburg when United only had one real defender on th pitch?? Well done Michael!!