Friday, 11 December 2009

Man Castrates Himself!!!! WTF!!!!???

OK, firstly you must read the following story;

Hopefully you have read that. Some would admire the man for having the balls, or not as it may seem, to make such a sacrifice for the good of his marriage.....actually, hold on a minute, there are far too many contradictions here. Mr Sanchez says he is a good christian, so i'm thinking that maybe its not that his wife just simply doesn't want to have sex anymore, it may be that he's against contraception and she keeps getting pregnant. If that is the case then I side with his wife, get off the poor woman for a while, she ain't a bloody machine.
Yet if it is the case that she point blank refuses to have sex with him, and that this has been a reality for a very prolonged length of time, then surely that is grounds for annulment is it not? Maybe i'm wrong, but i'm near sure I read that somewhere before (although, I could have read that on Wikipedia, which is always questionable). At the very least it is grounds for divorce. If the love ain't there, theres no point in staying.
Its as simple as this, some sort of arrangment could have been reached, but there is no excuse for this crazy SOB to snap off his gentlemens vegetables........nutter!!! (or not as the case may be).

Rant Over

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