Wednesday, 2 December 2009

FIFA ; Hypocrites???

No, I am not going to be ranting on about whether or not the Rep Of Ireland should be in the World Cup or not. Rather, I am ranting about the hypocritical and contradictory actions of FIFA and their Fuhrer , Mr Sepp Blatter. I will ignore his patronising response to Ireland's 33rd team request, and refer to another Irish request; that he consider either the inclusion of goalmouth referees or using video referees. Herr Blatter's response was one I expected of a man who is quite obviously opposed to any change ; his mainly referred to the rulebook stating that the referees decision is final. Fair enough, (and this is were FIFA are being hypocritical and contradictory) but why then have their disciplinary committee investigate Thierry Henry's handball in the Ireland match, with the threat that he may be banned from the World Cup Finals?? Surely that undermines the rule that 'the referee's decision is final', does it not??

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