Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Grrrrr Shoppers!!!

Ok, this is a real personal rant today. I'm currently working in a clothes store. Its a great store, love the job and all that. We try our best to keep the place tidy and looking smart; a selection of shirts and tshirts folded in a very precise way n tables, jeans in sized order, suits dressed up with shirts and ties etc. There are plenty of staff on the floor to assist any customer, and there are signs reminding people of that why the hell do people insist on unfolding all the shirts/tshirts, mixing up the jeans, throwing jackets off the hangers. If you want a certain size just ASK, and don't be so bloody clatty as to walk round the place in the knwing that you arent gonna buy anyhthing!!!!! Have some decent manners and destroy the can guess where alot of them come from!


Rant Over


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