Thursday, 17 December 2009


As if the reports of what occured on fermanagh last week were not sick enough, some fucking heartless halfwit cunts who thought they were being funny set up a facebook group called 'Millie Martin - Irish Bitch', I am not one to throw around threats, but if I meet whoever you really are 'Vicky Edward' and 'Reggie Scumville', I will do my best to cause as much physical damage to you as I possibly can. Yet you shall not be alone, the people who have become members of this insensitive, sick group shall also get the same. I shall put my neck on the line here with this statement, don;t car how 'hard' or whatever you are. You are a sick, sad, friendless person, and may you rot in hell!!!!

Who in their right minds would set up a group like this. You are disgusting, and if you are person who hopes that they may ever be blessed with having a child, I hope that you never get the chance to experience that as you will never, ever deserve it.

I'm not one to go into a real full on rant like this folks, and I apologise for the swearing, but they can ROT IN HELL!!!!


May you rest in peace young Millie.


ps (I am not getting into any stories, accusations etc, acts are, a young childs life was taken from her, and thats wrong.)

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  1. I found this page while looking for a saved Google image of what 'Vicky Edward' has said on one of the deleted walls about Millie Martin. You may be interested to know that 'Vicky' has now been unmasked as it were as Andy Martel from Wales but now living in France. A Facebook page has been set up about the cunt:!/group.php?gid=357328581272&ref=mf