Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Justice has obviously lost its meaning....

Okay, forget fo a moment the recent spate of life sentences that have been handed out with the following words ; 'serving a minimum of 25 years'. (I thought life was life.) What todays rant involves is the measly sentence handed out to an evil, vile, sadistic and disusting woman and her equally vile accomplices. I am of course talking about Melissa George, a woman who sexually abused many young children in her care, and also circulated leud pictures of the victims, a the while making sure not to capture their faces. So as it stands now, most of the parents of children who attended Little Ted's Nursery in Efford, Plymouth do not know whether or not their child/children were abused. So heres the facts; she abused children, some you would call babies or todddlers, she took pictures of them to ciculate to her other 'paedo' mates, she has the power to ease the suffering of families who don't know for a face if their child was abused or not, and she will serve a minimum of 7 years in jail as well as getting a brand new identity courtesy of Her Majesty's Government upon her release.

I thought the law was supposed to protect the public from harm. This person will do this again, I have no doubt about it. Lock her away for good, nobody wants her kind back on the streets. I hope she meets real justice in jail!!

Rant Over


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