Sunday, 6 December 2009

Corrective Rape??? An Excuse For Sick Perverts More Like!!

I have heard some pretty awful stories over the weekend, from the 'laptop murder' to the HIV positive man injecting his wife with his own blood (he should be on death row right now!), but the most horrible and sick story I have heard comes from South Africa.

Reports are coming from the country that there has been a growing trend of violent crime against the lesbian community, sickly known as 'corrective rapes', and to top it off, it has also been reported that the majority of police officers 'laugh off the claims'.

Seriously, 'corrective rape'!!!! These guys are sick, perverted rapists, plain and simple. Can you imagine having the audacity in trying to actually justify something as violent and damaging as rape!!!??? This idea could'nt have manifested out of thin air, there had to be some belief source to these crimes, a belief that homosexuality is some sort of disease that can be corrected, and in that way. This isn't the first time a belief structure has been adopted by certain people to use to their advantage is it? Things like this make you really doubt how far we have come as a human race, my reply in these situations usually is ; 'I just don't know anymore!'

I'm firmly of the belief that if you want to be gay, straight, lesbian, dress like a member of the opposite sex, ride a unicycle to work or whatever you want, as long as you're not harming others, you have every right to do so. - am I so wrong in thinking this? I'll finish with a thought for the day which a good friend once said to me ; 'Tell me this Mac, if somebody came up to you and asked you to leave the bar you were in because you were kissing your girlfriend, waht would you think?'

ps - I got a few spelling mistakes pointed out to me from previous rants, which is ironic, seeing as I always point them out when others do it, but do remember, these are rants, and in the time it takes you to read them, I have typed them. Crash Bang Wallop.

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  1. u spelt 'what' wrong!!!! lol.

    loving the rants cub!