Thursday, 3 December 2009

Footballers Wages

Firstly, apologies for my second blog to also be about the subject of football (soccer for my american friends), it will not always be like this, yet todays news demands it. For the second time this season, Portsmouth FC players have not received their wages. Now, obviously many people argue over the amount of money premiership players get paid and whether or not they deserve it, but that is not my point. My point is how the Premier League can firstly allow a chancer like Sulamain Al Fahim to buy the club (I use the word buy quite loosely, as it became clear after 6 weeks that he couldn't afford to buy Kettering Town, nevermind Portsmouth. Oh, and yeah, how many 'rich' Arabs do you see taking a Taxi?), and then allow Falcondrone (a company registered to the British Virgin Islands, operated by Ali Al Faraj) without properly investigating the financial state of either party. The FA and Premier League cannot seriously argue that these two parties truthfully passed the Fair and Proper Persons Test, for if they did, their collective accountants are going to need a stern talking to.
I would now like to announce that I, Sean Maguire intend to launch a takeover bid at Portsmouth next month. I have sold 95% of my assets, including my PS3, CDJs and bicycle, and hope to raise more capital from a small loan form the credit union................what? I'd safely say my miniscule aount of money is much more real than the 'money' going into Portsmouth FC these days!

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